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Understanding Your Rates

When reviewing your bill each month, do you ever wonder why your monthly service charges may differ from other businesses or why your account has been classified on a certain rate schedule?

Each account currently on a General Service rate is reviewed annually to determine whether the account is on the appropriate rate. Your business’s energy usage and load characteristics determine which rate you qualify for; should either of these factors change, you may no longer qualify for the rate schedule that you have been previously assigned.

Below is a chart that depicts the monthly service charges for each rate classification. If you have questions/concerns regarding your rate classification or monthly service charges, click here to review your rate tariff or feel free to contact us directly at (520) 744-2944.

Rate Classification
Monthly Service Charges General Service Schedule- GS1 General Service Schedule- GS2 General Service Schedule- GS3
Service Load:
Less than 10 kW
10 kW to 200 kW
Less than 12,000 kW
Fixed Monthly Charge
(single phase service)
Fixed Monthly Change
(3-phase service)
Energy Charge
$0.1335 per kWh
$0.1380 per kWh
$0.0830 per kWh
Billing Demand
First 10 kW no charge,
$4.50 per kW over 10kW
$16.65 per kW
ACC Renewable Energy Surcharge
DSM Surcharge
(cost per kWh)
$0.000058 per kWh
$0.000058 per kWh
$0.000058 per kWh


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