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Trico's Rates

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  General Service - Commercial
  Rate Title
  GS1 General Service Less than 10 kW
  GS2 General Service 10 kW to 200 kW
  GS3 General Services Less than 12,000 kW
  GSTOU General Service Time of Use / Coincident Peak info
  GS4 General Service Greater than 2,000 kW and less than 10,000 kW
  WP Water Pumping Service
  IR1 Irrigation Service
  TODP Time of Day Pumping Service / Time of Day Pumping Schedule
  OL1 Lighting Service
  SL1 Street Lighting Service
  IS1 Interruptible Service for Commercial and Industrial
  IS2 Interruptible Service for Irrigation and Water Pumping Service
  COGEN1 Optional Electric Service for Qualified Cogeneration and Small Power Production Facilities 100 kW and Greater
  QF1 Cogeneration Qualifying Facilities Service
  SC Schedule of Special Charges
  Renewable Energy & Demand Side Management
  Rate Title
  RES Renewable Energy Standard Tariff
  RESD Renewable Energy Customer Self-Directed Tariff
  RESF Renewable Energy Sunwatts SunFarm Tariff
  VRES Voluntary Renewable Energy Standard Program Tariff
  SNM Net Metering Tariff
  DSMA  Demand Side Management Adjustment

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